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Trace the development of “Air” capabilities of Naval Special Warfare units from the earliest experimentations to the exceptional skill and cutting-edge expertise of today. Air Capabilities of the U.S. Navy SEALs  is the first of a three-volume trilogy covering the Sea, Air, and Land capabilities of Navy SEALs and their Underwater Demolition Team precursors. Follow the development of:

  • Static Line and Freefall Parachuting
  • Early Underwater Demolition Team Parachuting
  • High-Altitude, Low-Opening (HALO)
  • High-Altitude, High-Opening (HAHO) Techniques
  • U.S. Navy Parachute Demonstration Teams
    Capabilities with Helicopters, Fixed-Wing, and Tilt-Rotor Aircraft
    Combatant Submersible and Maritime Craft Air Delivery Systems
    Experimentation with the Fulton Skyhook
    Tactical Air-Insertion Techniques and Procedures
    Infiltrating with Tactical Nuclear Weapons
    Navy Frogmen and the Nation’s Spaceflight Program

Air Capabilities of the U.S. Navy SEALs tells the story of individual initiative, personal daring, clever innovation—and a few calamities along the way. Every page is richly illustrated, many with never‑before published images.

Told by the Men Who Lived the History

Author Captain Norman Olson retired from the Navy SEAL Teams with over 30 years commissioned service, spanning the Korean Police Action, Vietnam Conflict, and Cold War. Much of the book includes his first-person accounts as Officer in Charge of the first detachment of Frogmen to attend the U.S. Army’s Basic Airborne Training School, and his actions and activities as founder of the first UDT-SEAL Parachute Demonstration Team. His experiences are expanded with the personal recollections of other frogmen who lived this story. Captain Olson made his 4,000th freefall jump on 14 March 2011, his 80th birthday.

Jul 022016

New York, NY (July 2, 2016) – Phoca Press, the Naval Special Warfare publisher, celebrates the launch of One Step at a Time A Navy SEAL Vietnam Combat Veteran’s Journey Home. Author and Montana native Greg Burham came home to an ungrateful nation. Carrying the invisible wounds of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder before the medical profession understood the condition, Greg struggled to take the next steps in his life after leaving the SEAL Teams. The book launches on the 4th of July.
Navy SEAL Vietnam Vet Journey

Seeking answers, a challenge and renewal, he embarked on a journey of discovery and healing almost 4,000 miles from Alaska to Mexico. With every step, he grew stronger in his faith in God, in himself and in others, eventually finding his place in the world helping people deal with trauma, from troubled teens, to combat veterans, to 9/11 first responders.

Phoca Press founder and CEO Tom Hawkins commented on the book’s publication: “Greg Burham went on after his time on the SEAL Teams to become one of the most productive members of our society, despite dealing with the difficulties of PTSD. His work bringing PTSD discussion to the forefront in the Navy SEAL community was ground breaking and essential. His inspiring story is a great narrative, a remarkable journey of life and healing, and every reader will want to grab their hiking boots and hit the road.”
Navy SEAL Vietnam

Read about Greg’s epic hike that put him on a path to his life’s work, helping people deal with PTSD–including veterans of the North Vietnamese Army. His work has played a role in removing the stigma that has prevented SEALs from getting help in the past and that is putting an end to the emotional pain our nation’s hero veterans too often suffer.

More on the book>>

May 182016

We are pleased to announce that Before They Were SEALs author Bill Dawson has been invited to march as a guest of honor at the National Memorial Day Parade, to start at 2:00 PM on May 31, 2016. The parade down Constitution Avenue in Washington, DC, led by Grand Marshals Gary Sinise and Joe Mantegna, pays tribute to those who have served, are serving, and most importantly those who have made the ultimate sacrifice while in service to our country. A timeline of American military history, the parade showcases heroes from the Revolutionary War to the present. More on Bill Dawson below


Phoca Press author Bill Dawson will march in the National Memorial Day Parade with Grand Marshals Joe Mantegna and Gary Sinise

More about Bill Dawson in the National Memorial Day Parade

Bill Dawson Memorial Day Parade Press Release_05-23-2016

Download Phoca Press SEAL Author Bill Dawson Bio

Photos of Bill Dawson

Click here for Bill Dawson interview, SEAL reunion July, 2015

Jun 222015

asbury-park-press-bill-dawson The Asbury Park Press  reporter Liz Dennerlein covered Bill Dawson’s appearance at the running of the BattleFrog obstacle race in Englishtown, New Jersey June 20, 2015.

Read the article here: 90-year-old Navy SEAL veteran visits N.J.


Bill Dawson at BattleFrog signed copies of his book and talked to racers.

Bill Dawson at BattleFrog signed copies of his book and posed for pictures with racers and spectators. He was joined by Phoca Press CEO Tom Hawkins, who also signed copies of his book on Navy SEAL history.

Bill Dawson at BattleFrog

See more pictures of Bill Dawson at BattleFrog along with Tom Hawkins here.

Mar 252015

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Jan 202015


Washington, DC (February 9, 2015) – Phoca Press, the Naval Special Warfare specialist publisher, celebrates the launch of the imprint’s first two Navy SEAL books at the Congressional Country Club February 13:

Two New Navy SEAL books:

Before They Were SEALs They Were Frogs, by Bill Dawson. The first person account of the last living member of the very first Navy commando Class 1 trained during WWII for the Normandy and Pacific Theater invasions.

America’s Hidden Heroes–The History and Evolution of U.S. Navy Frogmen and SEALs by Tom Hawkins. For the first time in one volume are the stories of SEAL precursors: the Amphibious Scouts and Raiders, Naval Combat Demolition Units, Underwater Demolition Teams and the Office of Strategic Services Maritime Unit.

Tom Hawkins, author, retired Navy SEAL Commander, and CEO of Phoca Press said, “We selected Congressional for our launch of these two new Navy SEAL booksbecause of the role it played in the history of clandestine operations and the OSS contribution to the capabilities of today’s Navy SEALs.”

The reception benefits the The National Navy UDT-SEAL Museum, home to priceless artifacts and records. History is core to the Navy SEAL culture of applying past learning to hone and perfect skills and methods.

Upholding the legacy of “the brave men who have fought and died building the proud tradition” of Naval Special Warfare is a formal part of the Navy SEAL Ethos. Rick Kaiser, a retired SEAL and Museum Executive Director said, “It is only fitting that our nation’s newest SEALs come to know their legacy, which is why we are giving a copy of America’s Hidden Heroes to every graduate of SEAL training.”

About Phoca Press

Phoca Press publishes works by, for, and about the Naval Special Warfare community. Our mission is to enhance the public’s appreciation and understanding of the contributions of Naval Special Warfare through history up to today. Our works cover current and legacy Navy SEAL, SWCC, UDT, NCDU, S&R, and OSS-MU topics.

About The National Navy UDT-SEAL Museum

The National Navy UDT-SEAL Museum is the only museum dedicated solely to preserving the history of Naval Special Warfare. Located in Fort Pierce, FL – the birthplace of the Navy Frogman – the Museum promotes public education by providing the opportunity to explore the history of the Navy SEALs in an atmosphere of respect and honor.

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