Thank You to American Airlines–Tom Hawkins and Bill Dawson at Navy SEAL Museum Muster

American Airlines pulled out all the stops to get Bill Dawson to the Navy SEAL Museum Muster. Bill and Phoca Press CEO Tom Hawkins signed copies of their books. Tom also addressed the annual dinner for WWII NSW veterans with a talk about history and the contributions of the earliest Navy commandos.

American Airlines’ Helen Roman greets Bill for his flight to Florida

American Airlines Capt Hardy and 1st Officer David Hay with Bill Dawson. They read Bill’s resume over the plane PA and the whole plane clapped for him.

Bill didn’t have to wait long to meet Jack Daniels on the flight.

Bill Dawson at the Navy SEAL Museum Muster

Hero Bill Dawson with Navy SEAL dog trainees from Baden-K9 at the Navy SEAL Museum Muster

LCDR Nash, Tom Hawkins, and ADM Pybus at the Navy SEAL Museum Muster.
LCDR Nash, Tom Hawkins, and ADM Pybus at the Navy SEAL Museum Muster.

TSA gave Bill Dawson a warm welcome (and thorough inspection) on the way home.

American Airlines’ David Bergener welcomes Bill to the gate, decorated with the American flag in Bill’s honor.

American Airlines did a great job welcoming Bill aboard.

Phone was off for the flight, so we didn’t catch Bill’s reaction to the surprise applause in the terminal upon his arrival.

American Airlines arranged a warm welcome with applause for Bill Dawson.

US Air Marshall
Can’t say who. Can’t say where. Can’t say how. Bill Dawson and Phoca Press salute this U.S. Air Marshall ————— for keeping us safe. One quiet professional to another: Hooyah!