ONE STEP AT A TIME–A Navy SEAL Vietnam Combat Veteran’s Journey Home–Including His Hike from Alaska to Mexico

One-Step-Navy-SEAL-Vietnam-CoverGreg Burham, a Navy SEAL Vietnam combat veteran came home to an ungrateful nation. Carrying the invisible wounds of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder before the medical profession understood the condition, Greg struggled to take the next steps in his life.

One Step at a Time is the story of Greg Burham’s journey, tracing his walk of discovery and healing almost 4,000 miles from Alaska to Mexico. With every step, he grew stronger in his faith in God, in himself and in others, eventually finding his place in the world helping people deal with trauma, from troubled teens, to combat veterans, to 9/11 first responders.

Greg was born into a family that venerated service, encouraged him to always give his best, and taught him to give selflessly. The son of a World War II veteran, Greg was a hometown sports hero who patriotically enlisted in the US Navy. After earning his Trident and becoming a Navy SEAL, he was deployed to Vietnam for a harrowing tour, often behind enemy lines.

After serving as one of the feared “Men with Green Faces” in Vietnam, Greg returned to a world where veterans were considered evil or crazy. Facing the scorn of his peers, he struggled with PTSD and missed the goal-driven, physically challenging world of the Navy SEAL community. Seeking answers, a challenge and renewal, Greg embarked on this journey.

Navy SEAL BUD/S GraduationNavy SEAL Vietnam     Navy SEAL Vietnam Vet Journey

This epic hike put Greg on a path to his life’s work, helping people deal with PTSD–including veterans of the North Vietnamese Army. His work has played a role in removing the stigma that has prevented SEALs from getting help in the past and that is putting an end to the emotional  pain our nation’s hero veterans too often suffer.