America’s Hidden Heroes: The History and Evolution of U.S. Navy Frogmen and SEALs


A true primer on US Navy SEAL history. Noted Navy SEAL historian and retired Navy SEAL Commander Tom Hawkins recounts how today’s Navy SEALs can trace their capabilities and origins back to four formidable legacy units formed during World War II. Read about US Navy SEAL history from its first days to the present.

For the first time in one volume, gathered together are the histories of the Amphibious Scouts and Raiders (S&R), Naval Combat Demolition Units (NCDUs), Underwater Demolition Teams (UDTs), and the Office of Strategic Services Maritime Unit (OSS MU), and how they influenced the maritime special operations capabilities personified in today’s US Navy SEALs.

This compact volume on US Navy SEAL history includes many rare, never-published pictures from the US Navy SEAL Museum history archives and from private collections.

Author Tom Hawkins (front row far left) with the 7th platoon in Vietnam.

An appreciation for US Navy SEAL history is vital to the next generations of NSW operators. The US Navy SEAL Museum, located at the birthplace of US Navy Frogmen, is presenting a copy of this book to every man that graduates from BUD/S. Says Museum executive director and retired Navy SEAL Rick Kaiser: “It is only fitting that our nation’s newest SEALs come to know their legacy.”