The Missoulian Profile of Navy SEAL Author Greg Burham on One Step at a Time

Author Greg BurhamAuthor Greg Burham in The Missoulian September 6, 2016: There’s no simple reason why Greg Burham walked from Alaska to Mexico in 1974.

People called him crazy for even setting out on the hike that began in Hyder, Alaska, on June 19 and ended five months later, on the nose, at the Mexican border town of Sonoyta.

Maybe he was.

“But it was a different kind of crazy,” Burham writes in his book “One Step At A Time: A Navy SEAL Vietnam Combat Veteran’s Journey Home.” Hot off the press, the memoir by the Missoula man was published by Phoca Press, which specializes in works related to Naval special warfare. >>Read the full article in The Missoulian