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Trace the development of “Air” capabilities of Naval Special Warfare units from the earliest experimentations to the exceptional skill and cutting-edge expertise of today. Air Capabilities of the U.S. Navy SEALs  is the first of a three-volume trilogy covering the Sea, Air, and Land capabilities of Navy SEALs and their Underwater Demolition Team precursors. Follow the development of:

  • Static Line and Freefall Parachuting
  • Early Underwater Demolition Team Parachuting
  • High-Altitude, Low-Opening (HALO)
  • High-Altitude, High-Opening (HAHO) Techniques
  • U.S. Navy Parachute Demonstration Teams
    Capabilities with Helicopters, Fixed-Wing, and Tilt-Rotor Aircraft
    Combatant Submersible and Maritime Craft Air Delivery Systems
    Experimentation with the Fulton Skyhook
    Tactical Air-Insertion Techniques and Procedures
    Infiltrating with Tactical Nuclear Weapons
    Navy Frogmen and the Nation’s Spaceflight Program

Air Capabilities of the U.S. Navy SEALs tells the story of individual initiative, personal daring, clever innovation—and a few calamities along the way. Every page is richly illustrated, many with never‑before published images.

Told by the Men Who Lived the History

Author Captain Norman Olson retired from the Navy SEAL Teams with over 30 years commissioned service, spanning the Korean Police Action, Vietnam Conflict, and Cold War. Much of the book includes his first-person accounts as Officer in Charge of the first detachment of Frogmen to attend the U.S. Army’s Basic Airborne Training School, and his actions and activities as founder of the first UDT-SEAL Parachute Demonstration Team. His experiences are expanded with the personal recollections of other frogmen who lived this story. Captain Olson made his 4,000th freefall jump on 14 March 2011, his 80th birthday.